Saturday, September 25, 2010

Days to do not forget

This time not only me, Justyna and Olivia went to the Royal Free Hospital, but also my friend Filipe came with us. I was not too nervous but very tired, as I could not sleep through the night. It is something that happens often, one night with a good sleep sometimes more awake. The doctor saw the feet are better and it was decided that only in the next appointment after the scan they will see if I should carry on with the same dose or increase again the dose of Sunitinib.

After Hospital we had a lunch together in a Kurdish restaurant. But in the evening we had a great snack but also a great company of our friends Veena and Shubhi. It was a great time speaking and enjoying the company of each other. It is funny but we feel so close to our friends that looks that we know each other since ever.

Just to let you know that the Winter is opening the door around here. and we just now found that we the heater is not working or we still do not know how to manage the machine.

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