Monday, September 20, 2010

Outside of the global village

At the moment in my new house I am without Internet network, plus the mobile phone network sign is also very dim in my area. As you know we also chose to not have television since long time. Given this, believe in me, instead of what you would think, I am a much more happy person today. Less worries, only focus in my tiny village indoors. The day looks longer, There is time to speak in family, to watch movies, to read books, even to come outside to take fresh air. The news from the World are brought by our friends, today was Krishna who brought good news. Regarding to the pain in the feet it has decreased since I lowered the dose of the pills, only the back pain still very much present. So much present that I already do not notice it.


Anonymous said...

que coisa mais linda, a nossa querida Olivia!!! Beijos, Jú+Zeca

Anonymous said...

what awful pictures you've taken and chosen to put up of me Helderrr as per usual! uurrghghhg