Monday, September 6, 2010

Academic season

Olivia went with me to enroll in a nursery, but only to start in the next year, She was sad as she wanted to start straight way and join the kids in the playground in the same moment, My only alternative to calm her was to divert the way to the library, where she would found a story about herself.

It was a nightmare for me to walk around given the big pain that I have been feeling in my feet again. Thus, today I was defected by the side effects, then finally I did decreased the dose to see if the side effects stops a bit to see if I could have some quality of life back.

Tomorrow I will see again the surgeon after almost half year, should be a regular appointment, just to check if I am still alive :)

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Anonymous said...

A Olívia vai adorar ir para creche! Espero que hoje o teu pé já esteja melhor e boa sorte para a consulta com o cirurgião!

Ana Rita