Friday, September 3, 2010


Justyna's TMA is progressing, while Olivia and myself are going around London, Today in the morning we went to see the doctor because of a small pain that Olivia has when she piss and myself to collect some medicines, Back home we needed to go to the church to speak with the priest, Luckily he was there, busy with the preparations for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to UK. He was very nice, interrupted his work to help me, I needed his signature in the application for a nursery for Olivia, It was necessary because this is a Cristian school. Before shopping we still past few good moments in the park with other kids. I am full of tiredness but also of joy.

Today I had a great tip from my cousin Carla, regarding how to suppositoring, I did not know but it looks that the part of the suppositories that should go first is the square one and not the beaked one, as I told, this is essentially because of laws of physics, the way how the intestines works. This is trivial for some of you but can help some others in the future.

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