Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn everywhere

The Autumn arrived silently, Outside it is visible the new brownish drapery in the trees, The birds are also flying in a frenzy and saying goodbye until the Spring, The only animals that are more visible as ever are the spiders, they appear in front of our eyes from everywhere. In fields the landscape is also marked from the mixed green and red tones from the berries. Olivia is enchanted as we have a lot of berries near our home. We will have free fresh fruit during this Autumn.

Coincidentally or not, the Autumn is arriving not only in the fields as it is not only the nature which is changing, but also me is changing, I already knew that the Sunitinib would turn the skin colour pale and yellow but now I am also finding out that all my hair, from legs to the top hair are whitening. It is slightly sad to see the ageing at this path, but it is just a matter of get use.

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