Thursday, September 9, 2010

Indian house

Tonight should be our last night in this house, as tomorrow we will have already the keys from the new address, Definitely the memories in the house will stay and will come with us forever. It was such a lovely and friendly house, It will be difficult to say good bye. Despite some bad days the house always gave us the strength to arise from the ground.

Today the House looked with an Indian spirit as I visualize the houses in India, With the Indian Summer sun shining outside we set the chair in front of the house and we been talking with our guests, In the morning we had John Gandy and Maria. In the afternoon we had the company of Krishna, Olivia was in the clouds with Krishna, they went alone all afternoon to somewhere, I do not know where. In the evening our friend Shubhy come also to help Justyna in the proof reading in her last TMA. Finally, Justyna has finished. I am sure she is already looking for another challenge.

Tomorrow, it will be a hard day, packing, moving, cancelling bills, the usually, Nothing new for us after this 5th time we are moving, but always difficult.

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