Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good neighbourhood

First thing to do before any moving is to recognised the area and to get in contact with the neighbours, For now, we have already two good neighbours that we offered some carrots. Next time will come the tea. They were quite smelling and sometimes bit impulsive, it is true, but they open the house and were very friendly. At the moment it is me and Olivia who is doing this business, Mother is reading and also already organizing and packing. In the garden she is taking with us what can flourish in our new garden.

The feet is stable but it is always soaked in a cream to not let it dry, and down, in the end of the course of the food, the bleeding is less often, for that it has been important the dose of suppositories that I am having every day before going to toilet. The act of introducing the medicine it is painful, I think, but somebody was telling to me that sometimes the changing of the sexual orientation could start from less than that.

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