Monday, September 27, 2010

Mrs. MacGyver

Justyna is carry on with her studies, This, after the house make us feel already as our home, It is good sign as I already forgot our former house. The layout of the new Villa is very similar to the last one, probably few inches smaller but in compensation the garden is much more bigger. Our personal things are already in the wall making the atmosphere warm. But the big advantage that we have is the fact that inside home lives the lady Mrs. MacGiver. Justyna always finds practical solutions for all the problems, if the curtains does not fit the window, she will think and will come up with an extraordinary and cheap solution, If some space is too tight she will discover a new way to open the hall, This is a brilliant woman that does miraculous with her small pocket tools.

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Anonymous said...

Essa mulher é extraordinaria, já o Zeca estava sempre a perguntar "onde é que a descobriste?" Lucky man! Big Hug for all Ju+zeca