Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the night of London

The pain has slightly decreased and moved from the thorax right inside close to the diaphragm to a place downer. It sounds that should be the pressure of the new sir Liver. Anyway Friday I will see the oncologist, He can give more clues about that. Meanwhile tonight I did my first appearance in the Pub after operation, to watch the champions league final with Mike and Adriano, The game it was far from been brilliant. I admit the pubs with fizzy water it has other seduction and glamour something that loses with beer :) OK, you do not need to agree.

The best to say is we are going back to Portugal again, we booked our holidays for that small place in the shore planted. We will go in 30th of June until 5th of August, Olivia is already very happy with idea of going to the beach and play with her cousin and me to see you all.


Pedro said...

Gostei de ver o Messi a jogar.
A dada altura do jogo, ali para o meio do campo, a bola vem ao seu encontro pelo ar e ele consegue tocá-la com peito e coloca-a no pé. E a bola ali fica, colada. A bola obedece-lhe.


Carla Damásio said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

Cá esperaremos.
Há mais dois para bricarem com a Olivia: a Marta e o Miguel!!!

beijinhos para todos

Carla Damásio