Friday, May 29, 2009

Theory of conspiration

Today it was the last time I saw the oncologists before holidays, I met a doctor from Tim Meyer team, as himself was in holidays, He also deserves :) This is really liking ass if he would checked this page. Thus, the doctor I saw was not so much inside my case, but was very nice. For her the report about the biopsy shows very optimistic, we all should be very pleased. Regarding to the pain I have when I do deep breaths she told me to do not worry too much as a lot of healing still goes on inside and outside the wound. But if it gets worst I should call their team at any time.
More to come only after the break, In August I will have a scanning and see the surgeon and the oncologist to see the progress.

The weather suddenly improved today, threatening us with a lovely weekend. To start in the best way I decided to cut my hair, Adriano had the machine and scissors to do the job.

In the waiting room for the doctor my brain wondered around the long journey, that most of the time we past in Hospitals since all started, I am not too much advocate of the conspiracy theories but it looks plausible that the system found or told me that I had a terrible cancer that needed to be tackled and treated as soon as possible but in fact was not real, this just to feed all the bureaucracy and medical system and the powerful drugs companies. So, did Man ever been in the Moon? or is it Elvis Presley alive? now, did exist the Neuroendocrine in the Pancreas and Liver's Helder?

Am I with Paranoia? Possible yes :)

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