Friday, May 15, 2009

Jackpot in the pocket


It was a long wait today to see doctor Tim Mayer, responsible for the chemotherapy, but also because our fault, for the first time we came late to the appointment, so we were punished and put to wait 2 hours, Olivia took advantage to carry her walks around.

Anyway, my life is already committed to the Hospital along time, so more 2 hours does not mean anything :)

The doctor is always very calm, I like to see him, and now he was again honest, He still does not know about the result of biopsy to the Liver or hepatology, and this results will be discussed only Tuesday with the operator, but he confessed me that for him probably it will not be necessary to do more chemotherapy, I was surprised, and I told him, please I do whatever you think is better for me, I just want to live longer as possible, He smiled and told me of course. He knows and understands all our stress and anxiety. This news would be great to my brain, that I am not sure how the neurones will respond to more chemotherapy. After last chemotherapy I just remind to forget easily a lot of things, that now I been recovering. I really feel my memory again fresher. But the final decision probably will be told to me this Tuesday when I will see Dr Fusai. Anyway the chemotherapy only can starts 8 weeks after the operation, and today past only 4 weeks.
About the problems that I am facing to digest, he told us that I came from a very serious operation, and I am doing very well, there is nothing to worry about, lets give time to recover

The evening I have only one last duty, to check the Euromillions, it is anecdotal, me winning anything, big laugh :)

I am joking, because I am wining a lot of things, principal the beautiful family here beside me.

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Carla Damásio said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

O melhor Jackpot que nos pode sair é ter uma família fantástica que está ao nosso lado nas dificuldades!! Parabéns por isso!! Nos dias de hoje começa a ser raro.

Calma com a recuperação. Lembras-te do que disse há dias. Vamos dar tempo ao tempo... para termos resultados.

Beijinhos para todos