Monday, May 4, 2009

See you soon mummy


Today I have been sad, probably to see my mum leaving, I really love to have her close to me, But it is much better for her, She is happier there. Thank you Shubhi and Tom to guide mum to the airport now when t would be a long trip for me.

Also I would like to pay my tribute to a character of my generation's imaginary that pass away today, Vasco Granja, in a time when nothing was worth in the television for kids, I remember in his weekly program was bringing so many dreams with his list of cartoons from all the world, the one I most remember were from the east Europe, often from Czechoslovakia. Such a pieces of art saw the light of my eyes by his hands, because of that I need to say thank you to him.
Thus, today I spent more time in bed, trying to rest, I cannot force too much. The liver needs a lot of sleep to growth, Just in the end of the day I did my walk around.

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