Monday, May 18, 2009

In the Library

Finally today we find a place where Olivia can find some friends of her age, we went to the library close to our house, we only spend few hours but enough to see enjoying in a different environment, she found a new friend and a lot of new toys. The afternoon let us to watch the brilliant mind and read. I am relaxed for another steep in the climbing of my Everest, as somebody once told me. Tomorrow in the morning we will go to the Royal Free Hospital, I need to do blood test while fasting, mainly it aims to check the functionality of the Liver and also to check traces of tumours Neuroendocrines in the blood circulation. This is a routine test. Afterwards already after lunch I will see for the first time the surgeon after the operation. He should have already the results from the biopsy to the Liver, and then they should let me know what will be waiting for me.
Additionally I want to make few questions to him related with some pains and doubts and also to say thank you to him.
Last thing in the Hospital is to speak with a psychotherapist to speak about my fears and see her opinion. The aim is just to speak and see what other patients in the same waters as me feel

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Carla Damásio said...

Olá Helder!

Boa Sorte!1 Que tudo corra da melhor forma.

Beijinhos para todos,

Carla Damásio