Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Party time

19th of May 2009 is entitled to be one of the most important days of this journey, not the single most important because I had this feeling of been in an important day at least for a dozen of times. Before getting in the waiting room for the consultation with Dr Fusai I felt the same as into the others appointments, nervous, anxious, only thinking about the moment of a call for my name, following close all the movements from the doctors.
In the morning I had already left a sample of blood required to do some tests, and after we went for a meal to feed our starvation, the kitchen was crowded with Portuguese staff, so the food was really good, or probably I was desperate to any food as I was fasting for a 12 hours.

But at 14.00 we were back to the hospital and waiting to see Dr Fusai, First it was a doctor from his team that saw me, He examined the wound and told me that all looked very good, very smooth around the Liver and Pancreas, and the problems I have with digest should go for a few more weeks, so it looks is something expected. But for more information we should wait for Dr Fusai that he personally would come to the room to see us, after he has finished to see other patient, So after 15 minutes he came. Anyway at that time I was more relaxed. Dr Fusai when arrived without losing any second, said that the operation was successful, for the results from biopsy The Liver is free of Cancer, the margin given when cut the four tumors from the Liver showed healthy, then and because I had already 6 cycles and not 3 cycles of chemotherapy, I do not need more chemotherapy :) The last decision will be with Dr Tim Meyer, but it is very likely to be like that :) I can start to think about anything but not the disease and Hospitals, this is now my problem, having priorities.

I will see the Operator only in three months time, after a CT scan booked now for August, This routines checks I guess will go forever in my life. The doctor said that they will keep an eye but it is me that I need to keep an eye on Olivia :) When we thanked Dr Fusai for all his commitment he was great and told us that I need to be present and Olivia will need me.

The day must be special and reminded for a long time as also my friend of battle was in celebration of her birthday, Congratulations Shubhi and thank you to cross in my way.


Carla Damásio said...

Mais uma vitória nesta caminhada!! Vamos em frente!
Muita FORÇA!!!


Carla Damásio

Luís Ganhão said...

Fantásticas Notícias...

Sempre em Frente Hélder