Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tea time


Last Sunday with my mum, opportunity to celebrate the Mums day, at least here in UK. Again she been here with us when I most needed, now that everything looks is a matter of time to become normal, she is going back to the Algarve tomorrow. There she can find her own life close to my father and sister, more calm.

Today in afternoon I went again for my daily walk and therefore Justyna took her mocha and me a tea, honestly I am feeling so well that my thoughts are already shifting to the next step, more chemotherapy. Having sure that I need to complement with that, so let us do as quick as possible, do do not leave any traces of the Cancer.

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Ana Cristina said...

Quando aceitamos o inevitável é mais fácil ver passar os dias! E até desejamos que os momentos chave cheguem mais depressa.
Tenho gostado de te "ouvir"... Pensamento positivo sempre!!!
Mts beijos
prima Ana