Friday, November 18, 2011

Different battle

I do not remember a day like today, I am tired but happy for accomplished job, means day is over. Now, I understand more what Justyna has everyday, and why she is going to bed always very tired. Just the daily routine.

Justyna had her class in the morning, so I did all the preparations and took Olivia to the ballet classes, and later to her nursery. After, I went to pick up Justyna's friends, who come from Poland and will stay with us for a few days. Finally, I encouraged Justyna to go out to London with her friends, to not lose this chance to have fun and enjoy a day out, as in her old days. I had an evening with Olivia, luckily later we also had John with us, who visited us in the evening. Poor John :) I took advantage of him, he was in charge to read the bed time story to Olivia and I could stretch my legs.

It is amazing how a simple day like today is enough to make me so tired, Also the sugars being all day very low, makes me a bit nervous and stress. I was thinking, I should not complain, because Olivia overall helps me very much, and I think she understands my situation, never pushing for me to the limit.

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