Friday, November 25, 2011

Gamma Ray

In the arrangements and set up of the veins to receive the golden product, I had a very positive conversation with doctor, He said again that my two first sessions were a big success, the body responded better than even the best expectations, tumours have decreased size. He also mentioned that if everything goes well I might be more than a year without worry, as this treatment normally consists in three cycles, today was the last, that decreases and keeps stable the size of the not welcome growths. I was happy to listen that but Justyna was out of her, she was all a big smile.

The dose of today's radiotherapy and last one was bigger than the last session 3 months ago, because of that the doctor told me that it will be very likely that this time I will feel more tired and might have more problems with bone marrow and to control the white cells. But after a while all should go to the normal.

Until the time that I need to be alone I had the company of Justyna and Vasco, it really helped me to control the anxiety, but after the treatment started to be given I had only the company of my new friends pigeons that were coming to my window and looked and looked.

All the process went very smoothly, at 10.00 Am in the morning I was ready to come home with Justyna, the only thing is now the tiredness, I am very tired because of the sleepless last nigh and also because of the high sugars, both due to the steroids. During the night I wanted to think about good things but I only was listening and seeing the tickling of the clock in front of me, it was frustrating.This night I hope to have a much better sleep.

Whenever I leave the hospital and I can I like to go to the pond in the park and spend time looking for the ducks and today the weather helped.

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Luís Ganhão said...

Have some rest Hélder... you can listen to the radio today (20h15) listening Sporting beating Benfica :-)