Wednesday, November 2, 2011


After a night in this morning Nikodem and his parents Adriano and Aneta left us. Nikodem is a great baby to look after, I am sure with one year old Olivia would not leave nobody to take care of her but Justyna, even me was forbidden.

The afternoon was great, we had a voucher gift from Sofia and Julian for a Fish Spa and finally we went there today to used and feel the kisses from the fishes, to be honest the sensation turn up to be greater than I was expecting, The suckers are more like piranhas, they give small bites in the feet eating all the dead skin. Actually the experience was so intense that after we used our credit of 10 minutes the lady told us if we wanted to stay longer in the tank because the tanks wer not busy, but I excused with Olivia that she wanted to stay only three more minutes.

One the way back to home we had a good ideia to pop in for a tea in our lovely neighbour's house, Jim and wife. Meeting lovely people always leaves a good taste for the rest of the day.

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