Friday, November 11, 2011

Bench players

In the morning me and Olivia went to Barnet school, I wanted to pick up my student card. Shame that they did not allow us to go further inside, I would like to show Olivia the College, where mother has also her Counselling classes, for coincidence this morning Justyna was there. With this student card I can qualify for some discounts, which is always welcome :)

The evening I escaped to Camden town, to meet with Vasco and Pajo, like few years ago, the excuses was to watch Portugal match. Funny that in the cafe where everybody was drinking beers and when I asked for a tea, seeing a strange look from the waiter I felt to explain, and I told him that I was with belly ache so I could not have a beer.

At the end of the football match there was not many reasons to celebrate, as usual anyway.

To celebrate, there is only Krishna's birthday. Happy birthday my friend.

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