Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Laissez Faire, Laissez Passer

Because tomorrow I will be busy with different business and I cannot attend my ordinary Thursday Art class instead I came today for the class, For coincidence was the same as Justyna normally attends. It was funny to be drawing in the same class as her. Thus, in spite of missing the Watercolour stuff tomorrow, today I have had a bit of drawing in my veins to fill up my addiction.

Tomorrow as I said I will have other commitments, fill the veins with Radiotherapy and keep going in the right way to do History, and show that it is possible..

The good thing about this days when I need to go to the hospital, either for an appointment or to radiotherapy is the fact that we can thrust in our friends but also in the nursery to take care of Olivia while I am in the Hospital. For this two days that I will be in and Justyna want to stay with me as long as possible and I want to have her close as well, we have already organized a big task force of neighbours to take care of Olivia, taking her to the nursery and to pick up her.

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