Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little hope again

After more than half year I came back to the Royal Free Hospital to see a doctor again, this time to review my surgeon Mr Fusai. And as usual in these days the levels of adrenaline arise exponentially, I have already few years of this, and a vast experience but I still feel a weird taste in the month and a nervous that make me forget about any other thing in this important days. Inside the room of the doctor the nervous slowly calm down but when I come out I have the sensation that I do not remember what happened inside, what was said, if it was not Justyna I would be very confused with all the information.

Today the news were good, The surgeon told me about the good results from the last scan and he wants to review and discuss with the oncologist what should be done. There was a good reduction in the Liver metastases but there are few other bits of Cancer in the body which does not help. He said that an operation is very unlikely in the time being but there is a chance one day, Nobody knows. I will see him again next year, after another radiotherapy session and CT scan.

For the first time since we are family (history that confuses with Cancer and Hospitals) Olivia did not come with us to the hospital, Instead she was left in the nursery, in her World. She is our best friend for everything but should not be our mate in the Hospital business. She spent the afternoon with Gosha, who left us tonight, to go back to Poland.

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