Thursday, November 17, 2011

Always decisions

Early morning we all went to visit the Foulds School, This because soon we will need to apply for the primary school for Olivia, which will be her school for the next 7 years, So it is a very important decision to be taken. We still want to see two more schools.

Later I had my Art class, I start to really enjoy again, as I am felling more comfortable with the watercolours. Shame that I will miss the next week class, because it will be the day of the radiotherapy. Anyway, I already spoke with the teacher, at least I will come in the day before for another class of drawing, and apparently is the one that Justyna attends.

Olivia had a great day, she did another friend in the neighbourhood, she spent the morning in Kalina's house and it is already arranged another playing session for next week. Apparently, in the same day of the radiotherapy, in that way Justyna can come to the hospital for a while and stay with me, leaving Olivia with the new friend.

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