Sunday, November 6, 2011

Playing with fire

In a day when we already can feel the Winter spirit, days that starts almost at night, cold outside, noisy fireworks from the Bonfire part off the routine, the most difficult thing is to get on and with good mood. To have a brighter day we decided to bake a cake, with the instructions of Justyna, me and Olivia in a team work helped to build up the cake. The sweet was also an excuse to me and Olivia to visit Shubhi and offer a share of the cake. But to be honest me and Olivia almost did not tried our work, myself because I do not want to play with my sugar levels and Olivia is in a stage that only likes sweets made of chocolate.

This morning for the first time in the church Olivia wanted to go inside with the other kids to be entertained by teachers while the mass, This time mother went with her, next time probably I will go with her, but hopefully soon she will go alone with the other kids. She is growing very quick, Too much :(

Pic from Poland days:

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