Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Forsyte Saga

Justyna left us very early in the morning, as she went with her mother and Monika to visit Justyna's uncle, which she has not seen for a long time. Me and Olivia woke up and started with our routines, some with the grandfather, feeding the cat and picking up the new eggs, but also we rode the bicycle through the rain and played mikado. I like sometimes to be alone with Olivia, because she is left without the choice of Justyna and I can enjoy her more intensely, to be the father and mother.

In the afternoon all the family, including grandparents went to visit Justyna's aunt and uncle, It was lovely to see Martynka, the new member of the family. But essentially it is great to see Justyna's father together with us, this time in Poland he has been more calm and tried to be closer with us. This is making everybody happier. We are all enjoying his special character.

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