Sunday, April 29, 2012

A metre girl

In the last days has been difficult to find any interval of sun between the falling rain, Winter through the Spring. It has been difficult for Olivia to understand, because we told her that her birthday marked the beginning of the Spring, and now she feels cheated. Nevertheless, I refuse to complain about the idiosyncrasy of the weather. The weather is here to serve us and it can be very inspirational to be in bed and listen the rain and the wind outside. Also, not being so selfish, the farmers should be happier with all this water in the fields.

It was a busy afternoon, Olivia went to distribute postcards to say 'thank you' to her friends that came last week for her birthday. Later we took advantage to do Olivia's check up, she has now 14 kilograms and exactly a metre. All in line with the average.

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