Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthday's business

I had another day spent in the hospital, now to have a Ct scan. Go to a hospital and take a CT scan it is only comparable to travel to the airport to take a flight, this because we can spend almost all day in the Hospital, waiting for our turn, even if the scan itself is a very straightforward and quick procedure. This exam today was a bit more complex than the normal, it was the first time that they also pictured my neck, this because a small lump that keeps growing there. I want to be positive regarding to the results, but for now I am just trying. This afternoon I was very tired and with small pains in the belly, abdomen and back, this should be also a matter of nervous. The results I will know only in two weeks time.

This week is very special, for some unknown reasons, I have few friends that have birthdays in a short period of time, Yesterday was Rob, today is Sofia, tomorrow Olivia, and beginning of the week is Ryan. A big happy birthday for all of you, and specially for Sofia that must be doing something unexpected :)

But here is Olivia, who is in the spot tomorrow, will be 4th anniversary, the day will be wet, what will put a bigger pressure in the organization, like how to fit all the guests at home, because outside will be wet and cold. Today the princesses have not stopped cooking for tomorrow, I have been in charge of decorations.

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