Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ladder to the heaven

This was the trip in bicycle that we planned since we came to Poland, and this afternoon we did it, It was a lovely ride, I even run through the grassland to catch with my camera a family of deers, this was the best shoot I did.
I am totally enjoying the view :)
Justyna in a spot close to the river Warta, where she came often in her childhood with her friends
In the last days I have found out that also I suffer from Anosmia, I cannot smell the fragrance from the flowers. Justyna tells me that those trees smell wonderful and believe in her, I only enjoyed the view and it is more than enough
We can find a lot of storks around here.
Grandmother enjoying the last days
Olivia splash all her złoty's earned from the family, she bought a big provision of Polish books to take to London
Today I lost my mind and I could not chose few pictures and because there was so many that I loved I posted a few more than normal, even if soon I will battle with the space in my blog, it is alarmingly running out of space.

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