Thursday, April 19, 2012

In the right side of the road

We are already in London again, we found it very wet and cold, It did not change much since we left. It was hard for Justyna to say bye bye to the family, some tears and sad faces come out in the last day. The journey was very tiredness, we left home at 3.00 AM and only at 10.00 girls were at home in London. I went straight to the hospital to take my dose of this new injection that I will be familiar in the future. In fact this was the plan :(
When everything was explained to me and the nurse was going to give me this new medicine that acts in the Cancer cells, in the last moments he found that I am diabetic, and then all needed to be postponed, I could not have the injection like that, instead I will need to come in the next couple of weeks and stay overnight in the hospital to have the treatment in a more secure conditions, Because that injection apparently mess up all the sugar levels, so they need to keep monitor me through all the night. Shame that they did not confirmed this before.

In the afternoon everybody slept in the afternoon, and in the evening I escaped to my neighbour Jim to watch the Sporting in the semi-final Europa Cup, I was alone they had other commitments, when Sporting suffered the goal I left the house and I come back home, which I regretted as the Sporting managed to recover.

Yesterday we had the confirmation that Olivia was allocated to the school near by us, and which we had applied in the first place. We should be happy as few kids around us were not given this school and also that they had applied, apparently the difference was the side of the road, the kids in our side of the road were offered a place but to the ones in the other side was denied. Narrow border that will makes a big difference, as the other schools could be little further way.

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