Saturday, April 28, 2012

Other needles

This year is promising to be again another Golden year for the family Assunção, before was my cousin Marta who was the Star to give another little cousin to the family, and today was Nini who gave birth to Maria Ines. Congratulations to the mother, father and vovó Julieta. We all cannot wait for the Summer to see alive all our new cousins and to be part of the celebrations. Soon will be another chapter in this beautiful story :)

Today me and Justyna gave few hours to the charity, Olivia was very patient to be in my shop waiting for me to leave, She deserved a small treat, a bag that needed to be knitted. It is funny that with this games I am finding that I have a special passion for this works with threads and needles. Before, I did few times cross-stitch with the help of Justyna and I confessed that I liked the experience very much. I would like to explore more this world of the knitting, patch work, to know a bit more about what can be done with needles, not only to inject insulin :)

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