Tuesday, October 4, 2011

White blood cells again

Today I bet strongly in this Jackpot, I woke very early to not distress with the time and to have my morning routine as much relax as possible, I had breakfast few hours before the scan, walked with Cliffy, and only after I went to the Royal Free to have that CT scan, this time all went smoothly. The results should come next week. But, today I had a call from the GP and after from the Oncologist to tell me that the white blood cells or Neutrophils have improved, even if only increased from 1.1 to 1.2, A slightly improvement as they should be higher than 2.5 but it is better than anything, additionally the fact of not having fever made the oncologist decided to not call me to the Hospital now, They will keep an eye to see if this improvement will happen again next week. But to be honest today I am feeling too tired, probably some distress in this mind.

Since last night Olivia is again nappy free, she asked to not have the nappy in the night, and this morning she was clean and dry. Congratulations dear Oli.

Our friend Cliffy should soon go back to his home as his owner is better, We will miss him, even if Justyna is full of jealous, she complained today, because when I came back from the Hospital I only cared about the dog and I forgot her. If Cliffy would keep longer with us I think we will have problems :)

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