Thursday, October 13, 2011

No more growth

Sometimes the policy of do not look, and try to forget or just pretend that does not exist, it can help to solve the problems. Since I started to fell the growth in my neck a couple of months ago, I voluntarily tried to avoid the most obvious, to check and look everyday to see if this prominence would be bigger or not. I was not checking often, also to not get disappointed, sad and anxious with a idea of having more metastases. Thus, I always kept days and weeks not looking for the growth in the neck, only after while I would check again. Always, the results were the same, it was not getting smaller, until the last two days. Today I checked again with Justyna and we found that definitely the growth is now smaller, we were happy about the finding. It looks that it was related with an infection in the glands, whatever it is, it is not Cancer, as the doctor assumed even before the last CT scan, which was anyway clear about any tumour in the neck.

Tonight is the last day of Cliffy in our home, He was the best think that happened to us since long time, And probably brought us lucky as well. We will miss him a lot, good that we are also going to Poland after tomorrow, so we will not notice so much the house empty, without him.

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Luís Ganhão said...

Good news Hélder.
Enjoy Poland