Saturday, October 29, 2011

Make a Difference Day

We been invited to help to clean and plant new trees in the Countryside Centre near us, and of course we could not decline, It was more a pleasure than any other thing, to be honest the hard work like cleaning the roots and digging was taken by Justyna, Me and Olivia were taking the light jobs, picking up leaves. We had a great day around the countryside, Justyna loves the country but also Olivia looks that she has born in the forest. Olivia was very proud when in the she received a certificate of CSV Make a difference day.

Me and Olivia needed to do a break after lunch to go and buy pumpkins for the Halloween, We were convinced that the day of the witches was today, we were even almost ready to go for the trick or treat when we called Shubhy and we realized that we were wrong, Halloween will be only Monday.

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