Saturday, October 8, 2011


Difficult to wake up when Olivia decides to have a tantrum, special when Justyna is also not well. More often Olivia uses her strong character to show what she wants, In this situations is very challenging to explain her and to understand her. This morning she wanted the breakfast made by mother and not by me. Of course this upset me for a while, but after meditation and thinking how I was when myself was a baby I realized that I should not have any bad feeling. The heat was around only last week but it looks already a mirage, the cold is already settled and today the heaters were on to warm the house.

The afternoon was very busy, we had the visits of Rita and Ines, who will stay overnight with us, but also Justyna's cousins also visited us. Now in the night Olivia is overexcited, as if was drunk, because she will sleep with her friend Ines :)

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