Friday, October 14, 2011

On the way to Poland

The days are now going very peaceful, almost perfect. The brain are recharged of good energy, and I know that I just need to take advantage of this winds. Sadly Cliffy left us today, but he was very happy to see her owner. We did not expect, we get paid for such a joyfully days with the small dog. We will not forget him, I hope he would have also good memories of Us.
The day was very busy, We had the visit of our friend John, Who Olivia loves to spend time. I recognised his didactic skills. Afterwards, we need to pack all the luggage to go tomorrow to Poland. later in the evening Sergio come to pick us up. We will spend the evening and night in Sergio's house in Luton. Tomorrow in the morning we will be just few minutes away from the airport what makes the things much easier. Thank Sergio and Linda.

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