Friday, October 21, 2011

In the fast track

The day was past at high speed, Morning in the fast track to get on time to the train to Warszawa and then to Krakow. Shame that Justyna's mother needed to be caught in the cameras by the police when she was flying in the car. But everything is OK. Great to arrived in Warszawa and meet Grzesiek, Ola and Bartek, And then we went to the airport to pick up another mosketeiro to the group- Vasco. Thus, all the four of us travelled down to Krakow. Great spirit and atmosphere, To be out in the Pub and around the crowd in the night is like to breath the same emotions that I was use to few years ago. I think the book that I just finished, the Kit runner also open my horizons, to give importance to what we have.

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