Monday, October 10, 2011

Small good news

The cold is arriving, and the news are even predicting an Ice Age in London very soon, for now everybody is already with runny nose and dressing almost the warmest cloths of our wardrobe, what makes me think if probably I will need to invest in a warmer jacket. If here in London is cold, comparing with the cold in Poland, it does not pass from a joke. There in Poland the temperatures are already around the negatives, We will find out next Saturday, as we are all off to Poland.

Today, in the GP I found out that the blood test showed again a small increase in my white blood cells, now 1.6, better than the 1.3 from the last week. The first test I pass, now tomorrow is the most difficult, as I should know from the oncologist about the results of the CT scan, It will be a very hard phone call to take. I confess that I am very worried about this. I do not know which is harder, to transport the Cancer or live this moments of uncertainty. It is like to know the result of a school exam or from a job interview, but to go to the CT there is nothing I can do to come good in the picture, It is only lucky, At least as far as I know.

In our evening walk we had another friend with us, a polar bear, To see the bear dressing a scarf, so you can imagine how cold it was.

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