Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jackpot in Barnet

Since morning I was trying to disguise my nervous, I was in fact often thinking about the phone call that I should have from the Hospital to tell me about the results from the CT. After breakfast I do not know if it was from the eggs that I aet, the tea, or just distress, but I went to bed with a unbearable pain in the belly and very sick, I was even thinking to call the ambulance. This put me even more worried. I could not stand more for this waiting, so I took the phone and I called myself, but I only could leave a voice mail.

After, each time the phone rang I was more and more nervous, until it was really from the Hospital, but straight I realised that the news were not bad, They told me that the results were very positive, and I must be very happy, because the tumour in the Liver has decreased size, and did not appeared in any other place, This was all a big relief. So I will have a place guaranteed for the next session of radiotherapy, as this it worked very well. Now I just need to rest and keep healthy :) in order to not catch any cold.

We will need to celebrate this :)

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Pedro said...

boas notícias companheiro. acompanho-te na tua alegria.