Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Playing in the lottery

The days of decisions are surrounding us again, today was the harmless blood test in the Barnet Hospital, but tomorrow I will be down in Royal Free Hospital for an important event, another CT scan, another lottery or as somebody said another trip in the carousel. In spite of all the excitement and the emotions of the next day I am feeling very low. I am very nervous and to be honest very scare of the next days. Few days after I should have a call from the oncology department to be informed if I chose the right door and I won the lottery and then I can go through the next stage or instead I need to go back to the starting point and look for something else, if anything else will be available.

With all this in my mind I tried to keep busy, I did a shelving in Olivia's room and another small bits at home. We had a good sign today, we have been asked a favour, tomorrow we will have a guest at home, We have a neighbour that will have an operation and she asked us if we can take care of her dog for a few days, and of course we will do it with a lot of love. It will be a new experience to have another friend sharing the house with Us.

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