Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No lo creo en brujas, pero que las hay, ¡las hay!

Today in the morning we gave a very warm welcome to our guest. Cliffy is a beautiful poppy that does not give us any work, He is very shy, we are looking to get more of is confidence to see him playing more. Unfortunately, today we did not have too much time to have fun with him, Justyna went for another Art lesson and myself to the CT scan. I did go for my CT scan but the unexpected happened. I could not play to win the lottery, I need to bet again for the next week's jackpot. When I was going to have my scan done, I needed to give my turn to an emergency case, but unfortunately that person could not have already is scan done because the machine broken down, I waited to see if the machine could be repaired but it was impossible, I will need to come for another try next Tuesday. It was a very unlucky situation to be the first person to not have the scan done, but also they have two CT scans, one broken in the morning and this one broken in the afternoon. Too many coincidences. I do not believe in witches, but there are, there are!

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