Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today was Olivia which requires the special care of mother Justyna, She had been with fever and complaining from her ears. The doctor did not find anything serious, We just need to be patient. I could not go to the doctor with Olivia because today I was having my own commitments, I was in the morning in the Cherry Lodge for a Reiky session and in the afternoon I was off again in the Royal Free Hospital, this time for a routine appointment with the diabetes doctor. Because of Olivia not bee able to go to the nursery Justyna also missed her Art lesson in the school, I was very sorry for her. It is easy to understand the love of a mother, the father can do its best but never can be the same .

I am still in the mood to draw all the dishes at home, which number increased from a lot of things that Julian brought to us.

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