Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back from hospital

Nothing predicted a weekend like this, we were enjoying the Friday afternoon in our garden when a call changed the day, The nurse from the oncology said to Justyna that I must go to the hospital because the blood tests results showed a very low level of white blood cells, within that levels I would not be able to fight any single attack from a bacteria, virus or fungus, I should go to the hospital. Later, when I get in the Barnet Hospital in the evening the doctor scared us very much, my condition was considered very critical, even if I was not feeling as bad as they sold me, I become worried. I was with feverish in the last two days and feeling pain in the legs, also pain in the gums but I never thought to be in this stage. The doctors needed treat me to avoid any complication. Thus, in the first day in the hospital they took me blood samples from everywhere to test everything and X-rays to check the lungs. After, I had a massive dose of antibiotics to kill any intruder. We were all in shock and scare. Lucky we had our friend Shubhy and Tom who calm down us and helped us with Olivia, she could not stay so long in the Hospital and see me in all this business, she spent the night in Shubhy's place.

If the first night was horrible the next day the things started to go better, the temperature went down, but better was that the result from the blood test, this before the antibiotics, showed a increase of the white blood cells, the signs were good, I did not need to take more antibiotics. And today Sunday, the levels increased even more, already in the save range, I could come home :)

There is always good things in the bad, I was in a private room, so I had plenty of time to think and reflect but also to draw, I enjoyed a lot to draw not only me but also Olivia even if with weird models, all the hospital items.

Now we are again in peace and at home, we had already the visit of Shubhy and Tom and now Samara, Sofia and Julian will stay with us.

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