Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art class - year 2

After Olivia and Justyna it was my turn to be back to the school, I had my first Art class, time to enjoy again the afternoon, just me and the pencil today :) I promise I will still share some of the works here. For a while we needed to say bye to Sofia, Julian and Samara, but this Sunday they will back again for few more days with us. We cannot wait.

Olivia also is now in her routine, with a lot of relief for us, she apparently enjoyed very much her first day alone in the nursery. When Justyna took her there she felt confident enough to join other kids and send mother home.

Meanwhile, We were very happy to review again, at least through the pictures, the small princess Mafalda, I am sure she makes her mother Cristina so proud. She is so beautiful.

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