Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Picture that worth thousand words

Samarinha by this time is already in Munich, in spite of all the friendly fights between Olivia and her friend Samara, Olivia will miss her very much. We all will miss our friends Sofia, Julian and Samara, we love them too much :)

I have been feeling better, with more energies as you can see by the picture took by Olivia's Eyes. today I went to the hospital to do the routinely blood tests, now I hope, this time I will not have any surprise.


Pedro said...

companheiro, "Mais uma ficha, mais uma volta". A vida é um enorme carrossel.

Luís Ganhão said...

Como diziam na feira da Amora... menina não paga mas também não anda :-)

PS: O desenho da Olivia está óptimo... mas tu estás um profissioal Hélder :-)