Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New friend

Finally we met the little princess Samara, Sofia and Julian's daughter. I do not remember to see Olivia enjoying so much the company of a friend, It was necessary only a minute for both get on with each other. In the beginning we were concerned because Olivia was supposed to teach Portuguese language to Samara but not Olivia leaning German with Samara :) But after they agreed to communicated more by grunts mixed with Portuguese, English and German.

Meanwhile, other things happened today, Justyna had her first Art class, and of course happened what I expected, she loved the lesson and the teacher. The teacher, Christine Watson is definitely a phenomena, always encouraging the pupils, attentive.
But, also in the afternoon Olivia had her first class in the Nursery, and of course she brought with her, her new friend Samara, both had a good time but also were the terrorists of the class, they did not know the rules :) Justyna, Sofia and myself witnessed the kids in the new nursery and to be honest I was very happy with the new place for Olivia.

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Luís Ganhão said...

Nothing is better than to see childs playing.

Sofia, congrats... Samara is beatiful (what a great smile in the picture with Olivia)