Saturday, April 2, 2011

Secret revealed

So the secret can now be fully revealed, There was a party in preparation, and a lot of friends from different parts of the World come to London to an amazing event, It was not the minor Royal Wedding but of course the Julian's birthday party. It was a fantastic day, full of emotions. I was almost as happy as Julian to share this special moments with him and also to be together with all the friends from Portugal. Our house has been the Hotel for this majestic event, with the biggest pleasure I think we should have broken the record of people sleeping for each square meter. There were Ana Rita, Cristina, Filipa, Luis, Daniela, Patricia, and plus the locals, and if you divide the heads for 100 square metres of our house, you can do the calculations... The party was in a frigate docked in the Thames, the HMS Belfast, It was the perfect place to have the most warm and relaxed time. The greatest moment it was when we all were waiting inside for Julian, who did not know anything about this party, When he came into the room was astonished when saw so many friends. To be together with all this friends again definitely touch me very much, make me believe only in good things.

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