Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good old friends

I was thinking how is it possible in just one day getting so much. I must been living in double otherwise I cannot explain to happen and live so much in 24 hours. We had a great morning picking up of the best oranges in the World from my uncles fields, It was great all the smells from the ground, brought so many good memories. After lunch we went for a journey to Lisbon to be on time to a surprise birthday dinner of my friend Sergio. The way there was as if the paradise, the landscape was covered in so many beautiful colours from the flowers, I saw so many challenges for my brushes, Next time I need to search for some of those pictures to try to paint. Arrived in Lisbon, I had Pajo to pick us up, His place in Seixal is also so beautiful. I am sorry for the lack of adjectives after this day. The diner with all the friends of Sergio and mine as well was in a great, unforgettable atmosphere.

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