Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lisbon Story

Day started very early, I added another set of tablets to mix up with others that I have been already taking. For this pills I need to fasting and they advised me to have it with anti-sickness to help me to deal with it, But I like to play sometimes as if I was a Super Man, so I decided to skipped those antisickness, Bad choice, I vomited after. Afterwards, I was better and the day went better, but still far from great. We said bye bye to Pajo and to his Zoo, Pataniscas and Yupy. We did again all what we wanted in another full day. Travel by boat through the Tejo from Seixal to Lisbon brought me a lot of good memories, I crossed at least a million times the river by the Cacilheiro when I lived here. In Lisbon we were another tourists, we took the Tram Master route 28 from Prazeres to the Castelo, It was as if seating down watching a movie, Lisbon is breathtaking city, it is like a dolls house, all looks so fragile, the intense light is in the edge to blind you, and the blue of the river is a beautiful brush in the landscape, difficult to not be in love with the city. But the movie was even more real when we had the opportunity to watched the bonus of the film, Justyna noticed just in time a pick pocket with his hands already inside her purse, I listen her screaming with him, He denied but it was obvious he was one of them. After, in the way back we were aware of them, and we realised that was not only one but there was a plague of thieves around. For coincidence all of them were wearing hats. After, I got distressed seeing so many ready to attack the distracted tourists and I shouted loudly that there was pick pockets inside the tram. I was happy with myself seeing all of them abandoning the tram.

After this experience we arrived just in time to have lunch with our friends Ines, Nuno and Daniela. A long time we did not see Ines, luckily we managed to meet her in between her busy trips :)

But the day was not finished yet, we had a very relaxed afternoon with my friend Henrique, the tradition still as it used to be. Just walking around it was enough to see a bit how depressed and lost this country is at the moment, The parks are without maintenance, the graffities are the best possible Art to see for free. Such a shame for Us, The people deserved much better. I need to apologise to all my citizens because I do feel kind of relief to soon be again in England, This is in spite of having the best days of my Life again here in Portugal.

The evening we went to Filipe, Claudia and Lucas' house, We had all a great time, updating our chat and laughing. Tomorrow We will find us again back in Algarve.

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