Monday, August 1, 2011

Picnic of Books

From today I will have another hand to keep myself healthy as possible, Bia gave me a big sac of Chinese herbs to restore my immunization levels as well as my moral. Olivia came with me to pick up the medicines and one the way back she told me one thing that I laugh a lot, She would like to do a picnic of books, which was a easy task. After we all savoured the books I went myself for the last batteries of blood tests before holidays and before my next Radiotherapy schedule for 22th of August.

This afternoon we had a very active time, Me and Olivia did not stop, We done gymnastic, and we did swimming and diving in the swimming pool.

Now in the evening we tried to enjoy as much as possible my sister's birthday, We sang the happy Birthday but shamefully we still cannot eat cakes through the Skip. Happy Birthday Leta :)