Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kitchen Heaven

I would not be very surprise if the local community would call us by now The Family Recycling or Skip Family. We are the terror of the skips, Often in our trips through the local roads we find items left in the skip and we take them for us or for Olivia. Almost everything in our garden is from the Freecycle or from a skip, Also big part of Olivia's toys and books are from the second hand shops. It is a philosophy of Life. Today we found neglected, already lost deep in a skip a great Kitchen, which just needed to be washed to have a new house and make another child happy. Olivia was in the Heaven, she took advantage to wash not only the new kitchen, but also her old Wendy house. In the end of the work she invited us to her house to have a diner and a tea.

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