Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Radiotherapy 2

I suspected that all the work done in the holidays, meaning do not do nothing and just trying to enjoy each moment, recharge batteries, could be evaporated when back to London and in the Hospital. This last couple of days where too intense to leave me indifferent. I hope that it will not last long but today I am very sad. In the Hospital I discovered that I had a massive loss of weight and also this time I needed to wait a long time to receive the infusions of all the medicines and mainly the radioactive Yttrium 90. After, for a short time I was happy as I listen a good comments from the doctor from the Nuclear medicine when he told me that there is examples of very good response from patients to this radiotherapy, This made me feel to smile. But the smile was lost, when today in the morning the Oncologist come to see me and I show him a nodule that has been growing in my neck for a month. Unfortunately, this doctor was not that Human has I would like, He just told me in the face that this looks like a different tumour and it is not a big deal, because I am having already the best treatment for this cases and anyway a new scan to be scheduled to the next month will tell us what kind of thing is this. He also said that I should keep an eye and come to him in the case of this lump gets bigger. Of course, this did not help me to rest my anxieties. Nevertheless, at home we still keep the faith that this is only an infection. I hope once I will be right in my prognoses :)

The treatment itself went well, without too much pains, too long but at least I felt in love for the bed-sheets, made of cotton, It transported me to my bed in Portugal when I was child.

Olivia had a difficult day, She was disappointed because she like everybody could not come closer to me, No kisses and hugs. Through the day she tried to interact with me, probably she noticed that I was sad. Tomorrow, I hope I can compensate her.

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Luís Ganhão said...

Hi Hélder,
it will be a small infection for sure... perhaps too much Sun in Algarve.

Keep Up the Good Spirit... even Sporting won yesterday (incredible :-) )

Beijinhos e Abraços,